It’s a boy! Now all you need is a baby boy name

"Having a baby is a life-changer. It gives you a whole other perspective on why you wake up every day." ~ Taylor Hanson

Jun 19, 2019 |
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So here he is – your bouncing baby boy and bundle of joy.  He looks wonderful and you wonder about his personality and how he will change as he grows.  But this little man also needs a baby boy name and it is one that will remain with him forever.

You need to choose one not only that you like but which will suit who he is and his identity.   This is why choosing a good name for your child is so important.

But choosing suitable baby boy names is not an easy task.  In order to help you, we have combed the internet and come up with some amazing baby boy names.


Check them out, think about your baby boy and select a baby name for boys that he will love and be proud of.

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Baby boy names and their meanings

#1. Aaron

A Hebrew name, this means ‘exalted’ and in the past was used to refer to the position of the noble classes within society.

#.2 Aidan

The meaning of this name is ‘born of fire’ and originates with St. Aidan of Iona from the Holy Island of Lindisfarne.

#3. Albert

Think Albert and you most likely think Queen Victoria of England. A boy’s name of German origin, it means ‘noble’.

#4. Alfred

A very chic baby name, even in America, this translates as ‘elf counsel’.

#5. Anthony

A Latin name, spelt both Anthony and Antony, this means ‘highly praiseworthy’.

#6. Asher

When it comes to American baby boy names, this is a big favourite, likely because it means ‘happiness’. What better name than this for a baby boy?

#7. Barney

Don’t spoil this name by thinking of The Flintstones! This is actually a beautiful name, meaning ‘son of comfort’.

#8. Baxter

Often chosen in both the US and UK, this is derived from the name ‘Baker.’

#9. Caleb

Truly a wonderful name for a baby boy’s name, this goes back to biblical times and means ‘devotion to God’.

#10. Carlton

A very sophisticated sounding baby boy’s name, this comes with plenty of nicknames such as ‘Carl’ or even ‘Tony’. It actually means ‘free men’s town’.

#11. Christensen

How could you go wrong with a baby boy name such as this? Meaning ‘son of Christ’ it will make any child feel very special and loved.

#12. Damian

Forget the negative connotations linked to this name via the movie ‘The Omen’. This can be spelt with an A or an E and means ‘to tame’ so if your little one is a bundle of energy, this may be the perfect baby boy name for him!

#13. Damon

Very much like the name Damian, this has the same meaning. Often linked to the charismatic character in The Vampire Diaries.

#14. Dashiell

Sounding very exotic and adventurous, the meaning of this name is actually unknown. Some think it comes from the family name ‘De Chiel’.

#15. Dylan

Linking back to Welsh mythology, Dylan was a god of the sea. The name means ‘great wave’.  Music lovers also associate it with the great folk singer, Bob Dylan.

#16. Earl

Certainly a name that is quite debonair, it means ‘warrior or nobleman’. Urbane and chic, it is used throughout the world.


#17. Ebenezer

This name really should be heard of a lot more. Meaning ‘stone of help’, it can easily be shortened to Ben.

#18. Elias

Coming from the name Elijah, this means ‘Jehovah is God’. Definitely a name with sacred links.

#19. Felix

What a joyful baby boy’s name! Meaning ‘happy and lucky’ this is of Latin origin.

#20. Fletcher

Both a surname and a first name, this shortens wonderfully to ‘Fletch’. As you may guess from the name, it means ‘seller of arrows’ (fletch = feathered arrow vanes).

#21. Gilbert

This comes from France and is an old traditional name meaning ‘shining pledge’. It was used most during the 1930s but has now made a big comeback.

#22. Graham

Once used primarily in the UK, this is now just as popular in the US. The meaning of it is ‘gravelly homestead’.

#23. Gray

This might mean ‘gray-haired one’ but this is a very noble name. Brings to mind a baby boy that will grow up to be gallant and gracious.

#24. Heathcliff

How could readers of the famous novel ‘Wuthering Heights’ not fall in love with this baby boy’s name. Meaning ‘heath near a cliff’ when translated literally.  Definitely a romantic name for a baby boy that will be magnificent in his own way.

#25. Herbert

Meaning ‘bright’, this can makes the nicknames ‘Herb’ and ‘Bert’. A great sounding sporting name.

#26. Isaiah

A Hebrew name, this translates as ‘Yahweh is salvation’. A much used and popular name in the US.

#27. Jacob

This baby boy’s name has been around for centuries but is still incredibly popular. Means ‘supplanter’.

#28. Joseph

The much favoured son of Jacob in the Old Testament, the meaning of this name is ‘May God increase’. Can also be spelt Josef or even Yousef.

#29. Laurent

Similar to Laurence or Lawrence, this means ‘from Laurentum’ which was an ancient Roman city. It is name that will never date.

#30. Leo

Think Leo think lion and you would be right as this is a diminutive of the Latin name Leonardo and does mean ‘lion’. This is a boy that will be courageous and brave.

#31. Luke

Another wonderful biblical name, meaning ‘from Lucania’ (ancient area of Southern Italy). Dads very often love this name, linking it to Star Wars.

#32. Marcello

Often used in Italy, this links to the Mars, the God of War. It may also be derived from ‘mas’ meaning manly.

#33. Marcin

Unusual as well as playful, this comes from the Latin name Martinus. It means ‘warlike’.

#34. Marvin

This one has a very unusual meaning, which is ‘a person from Finland’! Despite this, it is a name given to baby boys spread all over the globe.

#35. Mason

Bored with Jason? Then try Mason, as in ‘stoneworker’. Definitely a huge hit with parents everywhere.


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